Translation specialty company

Translation services for patent and other intellectual property documents,
science and technology papers, user manuals, etc.

About Transpower

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Company Introduction

Transpower is a patent translation specialty company. We have over 60 in-house seasoned translators and reviewers. Our expert translators have on average ten years of rich experience in patent translation, and our veteran reviewers have specialized in translating and reviewing patent-related documents for fifteen years or longer. They have technical backgrounds in a wide range of technical fields: electrical enginieering, computer science, wired/wireless communications, semiconductor technology, mechanical engineering, automobiles, metallurgy, materials science, physics, chemistry, biotechnology, biochemistry, genetics, life sciences, etc. Our translations are based on human-translation, and self-developed computer-assisted translation & quality control software systems are utilized to provide defect-free translation services. Such a combined human and technological workflow enables us to provide a high-quality translation service at a reasonable cost, as compared with existing patent translation offices or patent firms. We are hoping to develop alongside our customers. When you entrust us with your valuable translation work, you can rest assured it is in safe hands.

● Why should you entrust us with your valuable translation work?
It is no rare thing for patent-related documents translated by unqualified translators to contribute to dilution of the value of patent rights.

Translation agencies not specializing in patent translation, interested only in turning over a profit, typically farm out translation work to third party translation companies or freelance translators at a low price. This creates a downward spiral in which the low rate encourages outsource translators to deliver a rushed, poor quality translation, and such poor-quality translations end up pushing down the value of patent rights. Poor translation of a patent specification may lead to a later failure to exercise a patent right.

Meanwhile, due to excessive translation fees and incidental expenses, translation through patent firms is generally not cost efficient.

Transpower can present a solution to these problems. The translation fees we charge customers are based on the number of words, while having a reliable translation and review system, equal to patent firms.

Transpower commits all translation jobs to the care of in-house professional translators and reviewers in order to produce high-quality translations at a reasonable rate — we never use outsourcing companies or freelance translators.

When you entrust us with your valuable translation work, we will provide you with a high-quality translation service at a reasonable cost.